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Creating a Beautiful Garden Tips

Welcome to “Gardening-a great hobby.” Gardening is a wonderful and fun subject to discuss and share with others. Other than cooking–another one of my favorite past times–there isn’t another way to spend your time where you can enjoy the results of your labor more. In Singapore where I live, we are fortunate to enjoy more sunshine and a longer growing season than do people who live in many other places. Even though we enjoy a Tropical climate, it is also very humid where water makes such a difference. If you water well, plants live and thrive; and if you don’t, they die.

At the beginning of the year, nurseries and even my grocery store sell an abundance of bareroot plants, trees, and shrubs. Roses always draw my attention. You have to rely heavily on the pictures of the beautiful roses on the side of the packages. If you wait until the nurseries plant and nurture them to grow, you pay so much more for them. I am always trying to figure out how I can make room in my garden for a few more roses. There is nothing more beautiful than a blooming rose. It is fortunate for me that they are not too difficult to grow. Early Spring is the time of the year for pruning while they are dormant. I always hate the way the bushes look right after they are pruned. Don’t you? I have to tell myself that it is necessary to prune so that the bushes will be gorgeous later.

We have thrown away the winter left over from Christmas. Some of the plants still look fairly good with their beautiful red flowers. Did you know that the red are the leaves and not the flowers? It seems funny to say red leaves. The Santa Ana winds that we always have at the beginning of the year are so hard on plants. The wind strips many plants of leaves. Early Spring is the time when we finally get some rain. The reward that comes with the rain is the beautiful verdant green on the hill sides and lawns. Wildflowers also do well. Springtime is a great time to take long drives to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The commercial that just appeared on television was a reminder that Mothers Day is not too far away. Florists love holidays that require the purchase of flowers, especially roses. Have I told you I love roses? Even though the beautiful long-stemmed ones are gorgeous, there is nothing like the beautiful fragrant smelling multi-colored ones you cut from the garden.

Well, now that I have come full circle and have brought us back to gardening, I will close until next time.

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